Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Summer of Twitter:

2009 will be known as the summer WEB 2.0 overthrew the mainstream media as Twitter and other blogospheres shatter the Medias own imposed glass ceiling by eliminating the six degree separation of the “experts” from the “masses”

By Joshu E. Stone

What am I talking about? Van Jones of course. The mainstream media is livid that what they are calling the ‘sewage” of the internet has usurped their power and is now the media that decides what the President can say to schoolchildren, who he appoints to his Administration and perhaps even decide what wars are worth fighting like the late legendary Walter Cronkite did in the hey day of the birth pangs of the mainstream media.
Walter Cronkite was not thorough and professional however. He failed to uphold the most basic principle of ethics and integrity in journalism: he did not admit in that fateful broadcast that all but ended the Vietnam War he could be wrong in his judgment. He passed it off as fact: the war was bad and we had to get out. It may have been true, but a responsible journalist who respects the power they have to influence others would have been very careful to report the fact that his facts might not be all there were to the story.
The crucible of ethical and quality journalism is reporting the facts as you see them, and then being clear that you don’t know everything. Cronkite set the bar very low in this very crucial area of journalism, and since his passing I now understand why the mainstream media always acts like they have covered the story fairly and that they know all the facts. In fact they seem to take offense at the mere notion that a population they have said “don’t know what the word euthanasia means” (This Week with George Stephanopoulos) or “most of the population does not even know what plagiarism means” (Rachel Maddow) could possibly have insight or facts they don’t know about. To them the listeners of Amy Goodman and Rush Limbaugh are not educated participants in our democracy, but rather a kook fringe that is too radical to deal with.
Personally what Twitter did for me is eliminate the six degree glass ceiling that separated me from communicating directly with celebrities, analysts and politicians just to name a few. It has given me truly fair and balanced access to all the different sources of information out there. No longer do I have to ask myself, I wonder what Bloomberg is reporting on this story; I can see the story being posted by Bloomberg directly and others reporting the story from Bloomberg or another media outlet all at once.
So here’s to WEB 2.0 , Twitter, Facebook etc., and all the social networks that have turned traditional “drive by” media upside down.

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INO Brad said...

Who practices ethics now a days in the media?? Twitter has closed that gap...very nice indeed.

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